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Zack Ingles is a singer-songwriter and worship leader from in Marathon Ontario, on the beautiful North shore of Lake Superior. He began playing music and writing songs in his early childhood. By his twenties, he was playing and performing music professionally. Zack now boasts over a decade of music production and performance experience, working with Juno and GMA award nominees/winners, recording dozens of projects, and playing alongside countless artists.

Zack's debut EP, Chasing Light was released on September 4, 2020.

Audio Production

Professional and inspiring audio production at a rate that even struggling artists can afford!

Zack has 15+ years of professional audio production experience, live-mixing for small events, touring acts, and festivals. His roster has included several Juno award winners, GMA nominees and Canadian icons like Amelia Curran, Danny Michel, Don Alder, and Greg Szebel.

With both professional studio and mobile recording options available, everyone from amateur singer-songwriters to professional bands will feel well taken care of. 

*System installs, personnel training and consulting also available.

Worship Leading

Zack has been leading worship in small and large settings across Canada for over a decade. Growing up in Evangelical streams of church and now working primarily in mainline denominations, Zack’s eclectic and energetic style is widely accessible and engaging for all types of groups and congregations.

Whether the occasion calls for an intimate acoustic set or a captivating full-band experience, Zack’s attention to detail is sure to help create the atmosphere you’re looking for at your next worship gathering.